0845 619 6199
(Calls to this number cost 7p per minute plus your operators access charge)

Frequently asked questions

We make a small amount of money on every minute of calls you generate on your 0845 number. When one of your customers calls your 0845 number the cost of the call covers the cost of your services and the number hosting. All we ask is that you change your main business contact number, and advertise your 0845 number on all your marketing materials.

However, please be aware that after 3 months if you are not generating enough minutes on your number you will be asked to pay a low user fee. This can be taken off once you begin receiving more calls. Please see our Terms and Conditions for all the details.
There is no minimum contract, but we do ask for 30 days notice prior to cancellation. As we bill in arrears your last monthly payment (if you have one) will be taken at the end of the next month following your cancellation request.
All non-geographic numbers (such as 0845), simply map onto your current landline or mobile. Your current numbers will operate exactly the same and anyone who calls those numbers directly will not be affected.
All our numbers and services are controlled in house. As we are part of Core Telecom we are supported by a team of expert engineers and account managers who will be delighted to help you with any problems.
Your new 0845 number can be setup in minutes. If your order is placed during office hours our team will connect it and attempt to contact you to confirm everything. If you order is placed in the evening or over a weekend this could take a little longer.
When you register your number we will create you an account on our online portal. Here you will be able to view your call statistics. All your calls and their duration will be available to view in near real-time.

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